Standard Features

Southern sheds serves Florida with Quality sheds, garages, storage buildings, workshops, backyard sheds, garden sheds, game rooms, home offices, pool houses, tool sheds and more! Southern Sheds offers a full line of aluminum, metal, and wood portable sheds, as well as  built on site wood buildings by expert craftsman. 

For Build on Site Wood buildings

 Standard Features include in the base price of “Southern Sheds”

• On site construction by expert craftsman.

• Sealed Engineered Plans. (Latest Florida Hurricane Codes)

• Leveling up to six inches using 4” cap block (solid) and other decay
  resistant materials as required assuring an absolute level building.

• All pressure treated floor system 4”x 4” runners, floor joists 

• Floor deck - pressure treated plywood.

• Florida approved hurricane anchors.

• Hurricane clips, plywood clips, and any straps required by building codes.

• Studs 2”x 4” set on 16” centers.

• Siding LP 50 year treated, 8” groove with textured look, factory primed, 
  ready to paint.

• Exterior caulking (with the factory primed siding, painting is a breeze)

• Vents, 8”x 16” installed on gable ends for air circulation.

• Roof, industry standard OSB decking, plywood clips (as required)
  15# felt, aluminum drip edge (white), 3 tab 25/30 year shingles
  (choice of available colors) 

• Door, 48” one piece fiberglass construction with lock set
  installed in the center of one end wall.

• Limited “7” year warranty.